Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Establishing Ourselves

The last post ended on a bit of a negative note. Fortunately I am in good spirits and have positive news to tell. Last night Arielle and I put a deposit down on an apartment that we'll be moving into on July 22nd, ( http://www.thecondorlodge.com/aparts/index.htm ) here is the web address of the place. Its fully furnished with all utilities included which makes our life much easier. Imagine trying to buy furniture and all other household items at a market where no-one speaks your language and you have to communicate having these items delivered to a hidden apartment.....somewhat complicated. Yes I do know it could be done and to some extent I am lazy, or unmotivated or some other negative adjective, basically in the end it would have cost us much time, effort and cash to get a cheaper apartment up to our standards, and we'd rather spend our time enjoying ourselves, selfish aren't we! So we're super excited about that, we feel pretty stir crazy at the hostel now and are itching to get out, only one more week!

On another note, I went to try to get a job teaching ESL yesterday. It went well, the academic director I met with was very nice but unfortunately there aren't any current positions available. She told me that there are expected to be some vacancies soon and she will contact me if anything opens up or if they could use me as a tutor or in some other capacity. I'll be going to some other schools in the next week or so to hopefully line up some work teaching, wish me luck.


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