Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buying Power

Since my last post I had a birthday, I'm now officially 27 years old. I ate a delicious steak sandwich and bought myself a "Chocovanilla" cake at the local cake store. It cost me exactly 13 and one half Nuevo Soles. Which at the current exchange rate of 2.82 Nuevo Soles per USD, cost me $4.78. Not too bad for a delicious cake on one's birthday. This advantage does not solely apply to cakes but to most everything here. I'm going to post a picture of my cake and the groceries Arielle and I bought the other day so you can get a feel for how much food our USDs can really purchase; the total came to S/97.86 or $34.67. FYI, We get our cash from Scotiabank ATMs, they have a partnership with Bank of America so that we're not charged any fees for withdrawals. We pay for everything with cash so no Credit Card fees either. And thank god we can do all our banking online or at ATMs because the lines at banks here are ridiculously long. Here are some of our recent expenditures:

Apartment: $400 USD/month - (By far the most expensive) Includes all utilities (even internet)
(Below are listed in Nuevo Soles)
Groceries: S/97.86
1hr Massage: S/40.00
Cab from Grocery: S/3.00
5 Delicious Empanadas from our local bakery: S/7.00
Bottle of Rum: S/18.00
Six Pack of Beer: S/16.00
Two Brand Name Shirts: S/52.00
Three Pairs of Socks: S/16.00
Heater for our Apartment: S/120.00
Cell Phone: Free Hand-me-down phone & S/10.00 for 30mins prepaid

You get the idea. Unfortunately all the tourist activities are not discounted and come at a premium. When we actually do some of them I'll post prices, hopefully that will be this week. Ciao!

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